m e e t  t h e  t e a m

Richfield Hairdressing has proudly been styling  clients for the past 30 years….

Simon Richfield
Director Cut and Stylist

Richfield Hairdressing Visionary for 30 years.


Simon Richfield has been in the industry for more than 30 years. He passes on the benefits of his experience from establishments such as Vidal Sassoon Academy and Toni & Guy working closely with the creative teams. 

Simon is a staunch Tottenham Hotspur football club supporter, he’s also a vintage scooter rider. There is no doubt that his daughter, Georgia, who is an active part in the family business remains his greatest achievement.

Kelly Kew
Head of Colour Education
Senior Colour Technician

Kelly’s attention to detail of hues is flawless. 

Kelly has more than 15 years’ hairdressing experience. Trained at Toni & Guy, London, Kelly has been with Richfield Hairdressing since 2002. 

Bristol-born Kelly landed on our sunny shores in 2001.  Celebrity double: Kelly is often mistaken for Alice from The Vicar of Dibley.    ​

Georgia Richfield
​Colour Technician
Assistant in Richfield Operations

Georgia’s creative & artistic mind, giving her a natural flair for hair.

Having been part of the Richfield family her whole life it is no surprise Georgia has excelled at working her way up the hairdressing ladder. 

​As Simon’s daughter it makes sense that Georgia has a natural passion for Hair and Fashion. 

 Senior Stylist Specialist
Product Consultant

 Cerise is dedicated to creating polished beautiful hair with her extensive knowledge in hair products.

Cerise has worked for Richfield Hairdressing since 2006. She has over 10 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Cerise’s passion is to give extensive advice on haircare to our clients.

​Often mistaken for her celebrity double Rhianna.

Stylist & Upstyle Specialist

Cassandra proves her artistic abilities with her attention detail to the finer points. Her signature braids are recognised globally.

A specialist in Upstyling, Cassandra is involved with many high-end photo shoots and weddings. She is your girl for styling!

Cassandra has moved from Sweden to Australia. Just as well as she loves the beach you will find her on weekends at the beach doing a few braids on her friends too!


Connie helps out in the salon on Saturdays to make sure our days run smoothly. She has a great attention to making sure that all the clients have everything from coffee or tea to food from our local restaurants. A great asset to or team. Of course! her hair massaging skills can’t go unnoticed.


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