Summer Hot Hair Trends

With summer gone, however still feeling the effects of summer in  Autumn.  Winter is well and truly on its way with the nights getting darker and colder. A  needed recap  on summer trends is needed for the other side of the world who fortunate to begin the summer months ahead.

Women’s hairstyles throughout the summer have noticed are a diverse collective in styling of the hair. We’ve seen the intricate European country styles of plaits but unlike the ordinary messy plaits we’ve seen different ‘waves’ of them formed as crowns on heads, unlike previous seasons, this new form can only be explained by shows like Game of Thrones to inspire these street trends.

Adversely, the messy styled hair look from previous seasons are still in! So its okay to let you hair down. Bath and the rest of the UK experienced many weeks this summer of beautiful sunshine the sea salt look of tousled hair is huge. The summer festivals  in full swing there is nothing thing like that tousled hair after three days camping in the mud, experiencing the real rockstar look!

Colours of this season has been known to get back to basics with chocolate browns and creamy blondes, however, with science technology advancing in colour the techniques are becoming more adverse! the out grown root look is ‘thermal hot’ on the Bath streets IF done right. The blending of the darker in to the lighter ends and not blocky as well as consistent throughout the hair and mid lengths and ends done with a rich carmel tones, just gives class. Pop colours are back in with the pink, reds and oranges sported by most women. These vibrant tones come in a range of pastel colours such as purple’s and greys as well to make you really stand out in a crowd!

Above, are some of the collective works of summer trending colours I have done on a few of the local Bathonians. My first model I kept to the creamy blondes with a cool blue toner to highlight that technology influenced icy blonde. I ran finer foils through the roots to accentuate natural tones from the underneath to give a more natural root look. With my second model I kept to the vibrant deep reds (that is seen coming into spring trends) the lighter tones at the end is the edgy contrast that is sported by so many of the Bath youth. However, to keep it sophisticated and in line with colour laws and fashion do’s, I added the golden strawberry blonde mostly through the underneath to keep some subtleness of the two colours blending. My third model is the ceaseless fashion yes  throughout the summer months,  with flashes of lighter tones to accentuate the sun kissed feel of getting so much of that English summer sun ( If you’re lucky). Styled with that messy finger wave styled curls to make it look effortless and oh so natural.

Men are no different this summer season with the rough meets smooth. In Bath especially the men’s styling is based on the sleek styles with long fringes and shorter at the back, rounded off with some cool specs. This vintage phase as well has been around for a while, and I dare to say it but has refashioned with younger generations with pop culture One Direction and people alike. Bath being very cultured city filled with richer families and students of Bath universities, the heritage of these sleek styles are a fashion involving the younger generations for many years and is seen on the streets by most of the younger generation.

Bearded Men! are making a fashion statement in the UK, and Bath is no different with the diverse range of people residing in Bath you see the creatives and the business men similarly kickin’ the masculine bearded look. You have two types of the Beard one being the more shy, trimmed to face which sported by most Bathonian men, and then there is the out of control jungle which are seen worn by more of Bath’s eccentrics. The bearded man is seen in vintage style and has been seen on the streets of Bath this season but compared to previous seasons this style wasn’t always so trendy.


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