Richfield Revolution

    R i c h f i e l d R e v o l u t i o n

    We are now supporting Vegan Friendly Products and Services...


    Our new and improved slogan #bekindtoallkind is all about our journey to be coming a no animal testing or ingredients salon. We  still align ourselves with being Artistic & Social but after 15 years of Richfield Hairdressing we want to make a difference in our salon and  to make an impact on the world around us.

    We now use Delorenzo Cruelty Free Products and Technical Services that cater to these needs. They are completely 100% natural plant based ingredients. Animal testing has never been what Richfield has agreed with and we were oblivious to how this can still be happening today. Delorenzo’s performance of products are kinder to your hair as well as the environment without any compromise to condition or results. 

    We hope our customers will support us in our more ethical approach to Hairdressing as we take on this new adventure.

    To read more of our story follow this link to our blog.

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